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LRO_FBprofile008_guestblogWHITE FLOWERS


How can one capture the breath

of a night drenched in white flowers

and the talk of a thousand steps

that led to your doorway

– moments of sorrow and joy –

my hands moulding your skin like clay

your taste sticking to my tongue like toffee

in my mind’s eye, a kiss lingers

a moment of rapture

caught between the sheets like

two doves thrashing against the sky

in the folds of my skin that night has left its mark


in soft kisses

and the whispers

of a thousand suns


in a single breath of sorrow and joy.


Time flows like a river

beneath these perfect thoughts–

they rock and ebb like a boat adrift

and try as I might I cannot reel them in

they linger on the water –

like a kiss, on a quiet afternoon.


Out of beauty and sorrow

the darkness fashioned me a lover

a man of flesh and bone and heart – so fine

and it made me weep hard

for everything that I had left behind

and everything which may not lie ahead.


For, like the morning bird

who has all but forgotten – how to fly and sing –

thrashing about in the darkest corners of a new day

I have nothing left to guide me

but the light of fading stars.

© Anna Maria Drutzel 2015

Image: Anna Marie Drutzel

Image: Anna Maria Drutzel

Anna Maria Drutzel is a multi-disciplinary artist. She currently lives and works just outside of Melbourne, Australia, somewhere between the dark forest and the modern city. Her work could be likened to a form of storytelling. It presents the darker side of the fairytale. With nostalgia for a more romantic time and harbouring impossible dreams of Utopia, her work perpetually questions beauty, and deconstructs imagery of the man-made and natural worlds. By crafting a virtual field diary of her explorations and interests- Anna Maria has woven together a lifetime of inspiration and philosophy to form a rich archive of personal symbolism and historical reference- the creative language which informs her art. Each piece is thematic- her work continuously explores and questions the human condition… through notions of mortality, spirituality, ethics and social conditioning. Anna Maria presents her findings in deceivingly innocent forms, utilising iconically naive imagery to create an illusion of superficiality- thus, the viewer must delve beneath the surface in order to truly engage with what is at play here. With a particular interested in obsolete craft forms and rare or archaic processes, Anna Maria’s work often engages creative media and forms which hold a place only in cracks between commercial galleries. Her practice is imbued with a social conscience and Anna Maria strives to tread gently on this precious Earth. An avid collector- of old things, beautiful things, strange and curious things, she is inspired by the work of Ernst Haeckel and artists like Rosalie Gascoigne, Joseph Cornell and Henry Darger, among many, many others. Dada, Surrealism, Bauhaus Design and the wave of contemporary illustration and collage that’s flooding the web right now also inspire and inform her work as does ‘Primitive’ Art, Folk Art, Naiive, Tribal, Outsider Art and a deep love for the art of children. She believes art to be a way of life. To quote the artist “I would say that Art is my Religion”.

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