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Image: Passionate Jade

Image: Passionate Jade

A recent article by Farrago’s Charlotte Salusinszky Farrago’s suggested that Melbourne is the sexiest city in the world. The proof of this pudding is Passionate Jade, Melbourne’s own ‘purveyor of quality sex toys.’

You launched last year in a flurry of vintage photos, exclusive products and blogs .What’s happening?

We’re filming videos to demystify some of the toys, and our blog has exploded, with traffic roaring up on a daily basis. It’s really exciting. The range has expanded into books and lingerie, which is doing very well. We’ve also extended the toy range, and are finding that rabbit vibes of all types, smart balls, lubricants, massage candles and massage oils are popular.

I’m very fond of suspenders and stockings and I bet you are too, naughty minx. Is that why you’ve branched out into lingerie?

Sexual confidence comes in all guises and confidence means freedom. I wanted to increase the range to a more sensual experience, and lingerie is a key component. I adore good lingerie and stockings  -especially with seams – so here we are!

Oh please, tell me more.

We love Kiss Me Deadly, a gorgeous vintage-inspired brand from the UK. Their lingerie is just gorgeous, it’s all about matching seamed stockings and suspenders.  Super flattering too. We also have Hopeless Lingerie coming into the store, which has a unique bondage-inspired feel (along with soft bamboo cotton, so it’s soft, comfy and sexy as hell). We are doing a series of knickers and bralettes, halters, and sexy sleepwear.

If only Little Raven Publishing’s budget included lingerie – that would much more interesting for the editors. What new toys have you got?

We have so many it’s hard to choose a favourite! There are a few new brands such as the amazing cock rings out of Amsterdam, the Jimmy Jane Hello Touch which looks like a vibrating iPod but  you use it on your fingers and hand to purr all over your partner. We’re proud to be the first Australian stockist.

Our clients can book a Girls’ Night In. We come to them and they can check out the toys in the privacy of their own home. These are a huge amount of fun, just relaxed and low key. It has influenced what we range because we get that face-to-face discussion and feedback which is awesome.

I’ve noticed that Passionate Jade has taken a more literary bent with guest bloggers.

This is going so well. We strive to improve and find fantastic content that our readers love, and we are just starting to hit our groove. Our readers want writing about relationships, love, dating, reviews and they adore our pictorial galleries, which are total eye candy. We definitely want to have more erotica in the blog, and are planning some major blog events over the next six months which I hope will make a major splash!

 Writers – take note! Row, you’ve teased me long enough, please tell me what’s coming next?

We plan to do more Girls’ Nights In, we have a series of blog projects that will run over time and present new information about sex and sensuality that we hope will break new ground. We are moving to new offices in South Melbourne next week (yay!) and plan to host pop-up shops when the right venues come up. So much is afoot!