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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

The rest of the group headed in for the night, succumbing to the peace of sleep. Champagne had overfilled our glasses and the bubbles had knocked most of our friends on their backsides.

Jason and I sat across from each other on our fold out chairs, the fire still burning bright in the dark of the night that surrounded our tents.  We were the last two standing. Clusters of stars sparkled and the sounds of wild animals echoed occasionally.

‘I should head back to my tent,’ I thought.

I didn’t need additional temptation for this no-good-for-me man, whilst alone and drunk. I had been here before, alone in the dark wilderness with Jason. Every time that we were alone, we ended up sleeping together.

His legs were spread, his head tilted back with his eyes looking into the sky. Glass in hand, his index finger tapped ever so gently against it. His presence created a need in me – a need to fuck like a wild animal. I could not understand how every single woman that saw him did not take their clothes off and jump on him.

He had strong arms and a sharp jaw. The stubble on his chin relaxed his features. He knew he could click his fingers and I would instantly become his sub. He held all the power, and I hated him for that. He had the strength to take it or leave it, I did not. Seven years of camping trips had proven that much. I sat, wrapped in the thickness of my coat, my scarf covering my neck and mouth. I allowed my mind to wonder. If I walked over and sat on his lap, would he push me away? Perhaps I could bring my chair a little closer and let my leg lean against his? His new girlfriend would be arriving tomorrow. He looked at me and jolted me from my own thoughts.

‘Want to come to my tent?’ he asked, smiling sheepishly.

I rose from my chair and stumbled over fishing rods, tackle boxes and whatever else was in the way of getting to my destination.

He unzipped his tent and we crawled our way into the slightly warmer climate. I sat at the end of his mattress waiting as he took off his jacket and beanie. His blond hair was messy and wild. He grabbed my jacket, pulling me closer. He slid the jacket off, revealing another layer of clothing to tackle. He lifted my arms and left me in a singlet top and bra. He cupped my breasts.

‘As gorgeous as always.’ he said.

He pushed me back, instructing my hands to fall behind me, ready for his warm mouth. The tip of his tongue circled each nipple. I squeezed my legs together.  The wetness in my jeans tickled and felt warm inside. He bit my nipple and pulled it with his teeth. I groaned at the sharpness. He grabbed my back and pulled me up so I was sitting on him.

He grabbed my hands and pushed them down to the belt of his jeans. He lay against the mattress and allowed me to take over. It was rare that he did not monitor and control every move.I pulled down his pants and took him in my mouth. He moaned as my tongue explored the tip of his penis. I teased it with a flick and then took the whole of him in my mouth hard and fast.

‘Fuck, Asha.’

I fondled his balls as I took him to the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair, his body rocking. He slumped into the mattress as he caught his breath. Like awakening from the dead, his eyes opened and the dom came back into play. He grabbed me with force, he was going to take out his satisfaction on me and I was ready for it.

‘You are so bad Asha,’ he whispered.

He slid my jeans down and put his mouth on my beating clit. He sucked his way inside of me and his stubble rubbed my inner thighs.

‘Come all over my face Asha,’ he ordered.

I gave in to his demands. This was not over yet.

© Rhiannon Robson 2013

Image: Rhiannon Robson

My name is Rhiannon Robson (everyone calls me Nanzy) and I am a married mother with a young son. I work part-time in the insurance industry, whilst studying my Diploma in General Insurance. I have qualifications in Life Coaching as well as a Certificate in Freelance Writing.

I am a passionate, bubbly woman with a wicked sense of humour, who loves escaping into a world of fantasy through writing and reading. I have been writing fiction since primary school and have many books, short stories, poems and articles that are yet to be discovered by the world.

I love to write about all different types of scenarios and situations based on fantasy and real life, and in particular erotic and romance-themed stories.

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