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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

Aurelius stared vacantly at the destruction that lay before him. The blood stained field was littered with the bodies of young men.  Aurelius was cold, merciless and unforgiving. He was a soldier and his men could never see the regret or distaste for what lay in front of him.

Maximus stared at Aurelius across the battlefield. He could see he was restless.  He could tell from the far off stare he often found on his friend’s face after battle. Usually Aurelius would join with the other men to clear the debris and revel in the victories of the empire, but lately he noticed Aurelius withdrawing from regimental life. Maximus couldn’t afford to lose him for long but a short reprieve to find the warrior he needed on the battlefield couldn’t hurt.

At Maximus’s insistence Aurelius left camp late that night with nothing but his sword. It slapped his thigh as he strode silently towards Rome. Years on the battlefield had made Aurelius strong. His shoulders and back taught from years of training. His arms, well defined and chiseled, carried the burdens of an entire empire but something within him was missing. Aurelius moved steadily towards the bright morning star. He knew if he followed it long enough he would find what he was searching for. Even if he didn’t know what it was, he would know when he found it.

Under the stars and through the penetrating sun Aurelius walked. He searched the horizon eagerly at every rise looking for any sign from the Gods. His feet ached from his journey. He couldn’t return to Maximus, or his men, without his bloodlust.  Aurelius slid dejectedly down the rigid trunk of a date palm and swigged generously from his goat skin. The water dribbled from his chin and clung in tiny crystal droplets across the top of his bare chest. He closed his eyes, only for a moment, to let the world fade for an instant.

He awoke to find her bent deeply over the stream that lay beside the palm grove. She was unaware of his wakefulness and she bent lower to the stream, her roundness flexing beneath the sheath she wore during the summer months. She was only a peasant girl, young, but old enough to know the world. She rose and turned slowly to the palm grove. She looked at him now, her eyes soft and the palest blue of the oceans. Her skin was tanned from more than a lifetime of chores. The sun radiated behind her and cast a shadow through her dress, drawing Aurelius’s eyes to the outline of her shape.

His eyes lifted from the glimmer that shone between her thighs slowly up to the deep V below her throat. He didn’t know why, but that space on a woman always undid him. He stared at it now wanting nothing more than to trace his finger slowly down to her navel. He imagined her skin, the colour of golden honey, soft and pliable under his calloused hands.

She approached him gingerly, taking in his strong jaw and noticing his rough, war- worn hands. She thought about where those hands had been, what they’d held, and for just a second, she imagined them upon her. Tracing the curve of her spine and grabbing at her intently. Her body tensed involuntarily and her step hesitated. She drove herself forward knowing it was her duty to serve the soldiers of the empire. She would ask him what he needed and then continue on with her chores.

With every step closer, the heat rose in Aurelius. He had seen and bedded many beautiful women before but the way this one fought his gaze was something entirely new. Was this what he was looking for? Could a simple peasant girl calm the rage that stole over him on the battlefield?

‘My liege,’ she said and bowed her head towards Aurelius’s face. He cocked his head ever so slightly to the side to take in her features. He smiled at her with his lopsided grin that never failed with the whores of Rome.

‘Is there any service I may offer you or your men? I am at your service.’

Her voice was shaky, like she was unsure of the offer she was making. He knew it was her duty to offer her services to him but as it came out of her mouth he thought of a thousand things he would like her to do for him, none of them he would want to share with his men.

‘A place to rest is all I ask of you my lady. I have travelled far and need nothing more than a bed and water.’

‘As you wish,’ replied the girl.

She looked at him for the first time now and her gaze refused to move from his deep set eyes. It was then that Aurelius realised he had found what it was he searched for. She put out her hand to help him from his leaning post. He reached out for her and their fingers touched.

Aurelius knew he could take what he wanted from her but this one was different. He wanted her to want it too, to need it from him as much as he needed to give it to her. Aurelius’ strength surprised her as he pulled her towards him. Standing now, leaning against the thick trunk of the date palm, he felt the weight of her body pushed up against him. She hesitated a short moment before she tried to rectify the break in protocol.  He placed his forefinger under her chin and forced her gaze upward. She curled her fingers against his chest plate and he felt the pressure against his bare chest. For a single moment he detected fear in her eyes and he slackened his grip in response. Her face was hard and questioning but it was obvious from the way she shifted against him that she was wanting.

Aurelius tucked away the stray lock of hair that had fallen across the girl’s brow. She reached for him now, her hands cupping gently the side of his stubbled face. She leaned into him, his mouth only centimetres from her. Instinctively Aurelius leaned towards her, his mouth hungrily vying for the first taste of her flesh. He wanted her badly and his erection was starting to batter against his unshifting armour. He kissed her mouth, lingering on the peasant’s bottom lip. He pulled away to search her face and smiled knowingly at her barely audible gasp.

She came to him now. Wanting and not wasting a single impulse. She pushed herself against him and forced Aurelius roughly against the ridges of the palm. Her hands followed the contours of his breast plate hoping to find a mirror image on his chest beneath. She deftly undid his buckles and slid the armour candidly from his body. She feasted on Aurelius’s finely chiseled chest and let her hands wander down to the fine trail of dark hair that lead beneath his battle pleats.

He let her kiss her way from his jaw to the top of his pleats. She moved slowly and carefully, not like a girl at all, but a woman who was in control and masterful. Her tongue traced tiny circles around his nipples and Aurelius could do nothing but groan and clutch at her long brown hair to guide her to his burning sword. There was no doubt she was keen but Aurelius wanted her to wait. He dragged her northward, towards his face so he could drink more of her. His tongue gently opened her mouth and probed into her. Their tongues danced and tasted each other while their frantic hands chorused across each other’s bodies.

He gathered the sides of her sheath and slowly scrunched the layers of linen up to her hips. His calloused hands caressed the bare skin of her buttocks and as he squeezed she pushed into his mouth with more urgency. He lifted the sheath above her head and thanked the Gods the peasants wore no under garments during the summer months. He pushed her gently away from him so he could take in all that she was. Her eyes faltered and he knew she was concerned she’d displeased him. He smiled at her and moved his own hands to the clasp that held up his own threads. With deft fingers, the normally bulky pleats fell away quickly. She smiled back at him now, embarrassed by her lack of confidence. Her eyes lingered across Aurelius’s chest but concentrated on the bulge that strained behind his red linens.

She moved slowly towards him and took his hands in hers. She forced them up against the tree behind his head. Aurelius understood and positioned himself more comfortably against the date palm. With her own soft fingers, she untied his red linens and let them fall to the sandy ground at their feet. Her hands inched across Aurelius’s tight skin, the palms of her hands pushing her fingers towards the angry tip of his penis. She stroked him now. Up and down from the base to the shaft paying careful attention to the tip with the soft caress of her thumb. He responded eagerly and his back arched as his grip tightened on the tree.

She knelt before him, moistening her lips with her tongue. She placed a hand on either side of him and parted her lips slightly. Her fingers squeezed the flesh of Aurelius’s buttocks as she tasted his tip on her tongue. She took him whole now, her mouth filled with burning heat radiating from his cock.

Her wet lips moved along his shaft and sucked him eagerly. She could taste the beginning of his saltiness inside her and it only urged her to move her mouth along him faster. Her tongue flicked his manhood back and forth and she felt the heat rising in him. She sucked him hard and felt his tip push towards the back of her throat. She swallowed and took him further into her mouth and he gasped in response. She slowly tapered from his penis and moved her swollen lips, covered with his own wetness to the base of his shaft. She flicked her tongue outwards, careful not to ignore the soft folds of skin that hung below his width.

She could feel his body move in time with her mouth now and his hands left the trunk of the tree. She moved her eyes to his face as she flicked her tongue along his length. He was watching her watch him and with a handful of hair, he pushed himself into her wet mouth. She sucked greedily but knew he was struggling to hold on. With gentle steadiness he withdrew from her and pulled her back up off the ground.

They stood, naked and entwined in the deserted palm grove. Aurelius’s thumb and forefinger traced the darkened circles of her nipples. They responded instantly and he covered them with his mouth. He teased and bit at them playfully all the while having to take her weight as her knees buckled beneath her. With his mouth still sucking the hardness on her breasts, he moved one hand to her wet mound. She moaned and her knees parted involuntarily. She grabbed his hand now and pushed it inside herself. Together they felt her wetness and searched for her hard bud.

With little effort Aurelius took over and massaged her until she could no longer stand. He laid her down with his hand still inside her and she bucked against him, her head thrown back into the sand beneath her. He straddled her now, forcing her to look him in the eye; his steely gaze looking through her, looking farther than just her outer shell. He sank deeper into her body, edging himself between her legs. His tip entered her briefly and Aurelius suspended himself mid thrust.

‘Please,’ she whimpered and without any more prompting he pushed himself into her. He could feel his testicles tighten as she pulsed in rhythm with his thrusts. Each time he pulled out she clenched tighter to keep him in her. Not once did their gaze shift from the other.

She locked her ankles around his hips as his pace began to quicken. She rolled him over and straddled his hips. She wanted it to last longer. Her hands pushed against his bare chest as she lifted herself back and forth on his member. Her own head tilted skyward as she found her own rhythm and pace. Aurelius stared at her candour and let himself enjoy the show. He pushed his hands up her body until he found her voluptuous breasts. As she writhed and bucked her pelvis on top of him he squeezed and rubbed the soft flesh of her breasts.

She was almost there. He felt her wetness build and heard the quickness of her breath hasten. With all of his strength he flipped her over and pushed his hips firmly into her from behind. With his free hand he reached in front of her and rubbed her button quickly. Aurelius could feel it coming. He was fast now, moving in and out of her with a pace that could set fire. As she moaned in response he glanced down to watch himself slide in and out of her wetness. Her arse moved rhythmically against him and watching her flawless skin slap against his thighs only pushed him closer to the edge. He stared at the thumb-sized wells at the small of her back and imagined filling them with his seed. He watched the muscles across her back twist and flex with every thrust he made in her. Her hair cascading across the skin of her shoulders covered her face. It only seemed to add to Aurelius’s urgency. His every sense heightened by the furious panting and moans that escaped her mouth.

He returned his focus to the base of her spine, leering at the roundness that he had noticed first about her. She cried out for him now and he watched himself enter her, geared up for a final thrust. He pushed deep into her and felt the shudder run stiff through his entire body. He filled her now and felt his own and her juices smother them. Her climax came immediately after and he felt her shivers vibrate through to his very core. His body relaxed and her movement eased into a cajoled silence. She glanced back at him now, turning her head behind her and smiling at the man that was still inside her.

He collapsed onto the ground beside her. She leaned into him, grateful for the comfort and his warmness. Aurelius sighed as he took all of her in with his eyes. She was sated and content as he smelt her sex and eyed the tiny beads of sweat that had formed across her skin. She was scared at first but she had wanted him, just him.  The death, the battles and the fight could never replace the needs and wants of the human flesh.

© Valerie Ivy 2013

Valerie* is a thirty-two year old high school teacher from Brisbane, Australia. She began writing short stories for her students years ago but on a dare from colleagues, fell into erotic fiction and loved it.  She divides her writing time between stories for adolescents and her ‘naughty’ stories.

Valerie*, obviously not her real name, has to keep her identity secret from the horny fifteen year old boys she teaches.  She is single but writes to keep her imagination and her hands active.  She loves to share her stories that are either based on pure fantasy or looking for the extra in the ordinary.

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