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KL Joy has a busy few months ahead: performing, writing and releasing her book Desire: Stories of Longing.

What do you love about writing erotica?

I love that I write not only from my imagination but from experience. So many authors at the moment are making a name for themselves without the first bit of understanding about the deeper intricacies of BDSM. In no way do I claim to know it all… please don’t read that into my answer, it’s just that, this is the life I live. It’s not something I put on paper only. The dynamic is so sexy; I sometimes don’t know how I get much writing done when there is this amazing scene going on in my head.

It’s been quite a journey for your latest book, Desire: Stories of Longing – tell us about the process.

I began writing Desire not long before Catalyst: Stories of Awakening came out in May 2009. So yes, it’s been a long journey. I decided after self-publishing Catalyst, that I would like a more traditional method of publication next time and started sending the manuscript out in late 2009 to publishers. I was picked up by a US publisher who went through edits with me back and forth, without a contract! When I asked them for a contract to protect us both, I got a dodgy one piece of paper emailed to me. To say the least, I said thanks but no thanks to that one!

In July 2011, I organised the Pleasure Forum Australia Erotic Writers Panel. Through that event, I met a lovely man named Geoffrey Knight who introduced me to his publisher. I signed with Dare in Feb 2012. Due to the strong Aussie Dollar, Dare Empire E-Media closed its doors in late 2012, and I was sold to the US publishing house Storm Moon Press, a small QUILTBAG publisher, who are growing smart, not fast! So, having had the book ready to go for three years needless to say, it’s been a bit frustrating, to be sitting on it for so long. All that is behind us now as the release date is now locked in.

How have you found being edited? What are the highs and lows?

Editing is a strange beast. I love it! I don’t usually take offense to what an editor has to say. Having said that….

Low point: Getting my first edits back on Desire from SMP and seeing the blood bath, red everywhere! Later on I found out that the editor had done a proof pass with track changes on and that was why there were so many marks. Needless to say the Publisher apologized for that faux pas!

High Point: I had a dream run with a guy in the US – who was bringing Catalyst into house style – two passes in five days and it was all done!

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading blogs and sites mainly, about to start a blog tour so I’m finding out what the people want (as that is a new and strange beast for me). On my bedside I have printed copies of short stories from one of my favourite kink erotica authors, Tiffany Riesz. She writes some amazing characters, and I love the little background story that she supplies, it helps the characters flesh out more ….Oh and they are sexy as hell! but again, it’s just research…

Where can people see you next?

I’m going to be going to most of the Fet events in the next couple of months. All info can be found on my FetLife profile. I’ll also be appearing at my third Pleasure Forum Australia Erotic Writers Panel with Little Raven on the 9th of July.

Where can we get the book?

At this stage Desire: Stories of Longing will only be available as an eBook and print book through Storm Moon Press upon release.

Image: KL Joy

I was born in the early 1970s in Victoria, Australia and had a normal, suburban, family upbringing – but I always leaned toward the fire. If it was off centre then that’s where you would find me.

I didn’t apply myself at school; I preferred to push the boundaries within the ranks. It was a great surprise when I got into university as a mature age student. I was enamoured by academia and decided to do it at my own pace to soak up the atmosphere. After 6 years I completed a B.A. (Soc. Sci.) in Sociology at La Trobe University. During this time I learned a lot about watching people and writing.

With my curious, gypsy-like nature, I took off around Australia. During this time that I did life modelling for artists and met a fetish photographer. He changed my life and introduced me to the people in fetish wear and the BDSM subcultures – so the love affair began.

I became enthralled with BDSM subcultures but remained on the fringe in order to
remain unaffected. I was a voyeur. I met and talked with lots of people which led to a catalyst of my own and my first book; Catalyst: Stories of Awakening. My second book Desire: Stories of Secret Longing is due out in 2013.

Other publications include:

DUDE:zine Issue #3 Lovers and Sub’s Night Out: a prequel to Catalyst

I’m happy for you all to stalk me on my blog, Facebook, FetLife or Twitter all of which can be found through www.kljoy.com

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