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Caz Lou is a busy woman; when she’s not working with the EROS Foundation or the Australian Sex Party, she writes erotica.

What’s the first erotica you read?

Can I be tragically diplomatic? I honestly can’t remember! I had a somewhat sheltered childhood, so shamefully it was from the first of many adult websites I secretly stumbled across while researching for school projects. Not so thrilling as it sounds – on a dial-up connection!

When did you start writing?

2003. Sadly, I never kept any of my pieces from those days. When I think back though, I realise writing acted as a form of therapy for what was the beginning of my coming out journey.

What do you like to write about?

The majority of the time I base my pieces on my and others’ fantasies.

How would you describe your style?

Not sure how you’d best describe it. Basically, so the reader can easily slot themselves into the story at any time. Meaning they’ll hopefully have a higher chance of getting off while reading. The ultimate art of multitasking!

What are you reading at the moment?

Nothing at present – too busy working!

Tell me about your work with the EROS foundation and the Australian Sex Party.

I first got in contact with EROS and the Australian Sex Party back in 2005, upon first starting in the industry, volunteering for them at SEXPO as well as other tasks. I consider them my industry family and I’m incredibly blessed to know and work with them. Without their support, I can whole-heartedly say my life would’ve taken a totally different turn. I certain wouldn’t be doing this interview, that’s for sure!

What are your hopes with the next election?

The $6000 question! There are many facets which I’d love to answer. However in short, issues such as marriage equality and disability dignity are the first of many topics that come to mind!

Image: Caz Lou

Image: Caz Lou

Caz has been a part of the adult industry since 2005. Beginning with a stint of modelling, she has since geared her focus to the sectors of promotion, advocacy, marketing and advisory. Caz has considered creative writing strictly as a hobby from her teenage years. However, recently being encouraged to attend a Little Raven workshop she has now decided to include this into her repertoire. Caz has also joined the Little Raven team as an Editorial Assistant and Marketing Assistant.

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