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Mr Mark Davis ‘is a master at prose and delves deep into the world of BDSM…like few before him.’

You’re prolific, what’s your latest project?

Working hard at the moment promoting my two June 30th releases and getting poems together for the other volumes of Erotic Midnight Musings.

Courtesy Mark Davis

Tell us about ‘Lessons for Steve.’

Lessons for Steve is my first stand alone short story. I have had others in anthologies. Steve is a man who finds himself at a loose end while on holidays and ends up helping the beautiful leather-clad Katelyn. She senses Steve’s interest even before he realises he has one and she draws him into her world. There is a lovely little twist at the end of the story and it holds the readers interest right to the end.

And ‘Erotic Midnight Musings?’

This the the first volume Domination. Over twenty erotic poems that will tantalise and tease. To be read alone or with your partner.  Be it Master or Mistress they will work their way into your mind and bring you the ultimate pleasure.

How did you start writing erotic poetry?

I have always enjoyed the written word. I’ve found it so much easier to get the message across in rhyme and when I started writing erotic stories it made a natural progression into my poetry. I love the challenge now if I see a picture or hear something that inspires me.

Why do you think sex and poetry go together so well?

I am not sure. Maybe because like sex you can have fast rapid movement, almost violent, or soft and sensual. I like to mix the tempo and subject of my poems.

Courtesy Mark Davis

What are you reading at the moment?

I have just finished Verity Marshalls Hard Money.. The naked truth. A true story about life in a Sydney brothel. It was a great read. Outside of the erotic I am reading Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace. A big fan.

What’s next for you?

The next four volumes of my Erotic Midnight Musings. After the first one…Domination I will be adding Pleasure, Menage/Cougar, Paranormal then finishing off with Romance.

Mark Davis can create a scene in your mind so vivid you feel as if you’re there, and your body responds. He brings to life a world of bondage and the relationship of Dom/sub like no other. Then, he goes one step further and brings you into another world; his world of the paranormal. He has a flare with creating the magic between the beautiful creatures of the night.

Mr. Mark Davis doesn’t just stop there, though. Oh no, he pulls his readers one more time toward the edge of suspended bliss as he engages them in his amazingly titillating way of weaving erotic short stories. He is an author who draws you in so much to all that is happening, you may never be the same again.

Here, in his newest release, Mark is the master of writing the Domme/Sub relationship, bringing you mind boggling and erotic images with his prose, but yet he does so with such tenderness and emotion.

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