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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

Madison unfolded herself from her cosy spot by the fire, took a candle and went to the kitchen with a quilt wrapped around her for warmth.  Both boys wished they could have seen more of her body that was also covered in very sensible long underwear.  Paul followed her into the kitchen and commented, ‘I sure hope these people are some gourmet motherfuckers!’

’Don’t get your hopes up.  They wouldn’t have left anything a critter could smell or the cabin would be demolished come spring.’

Paul opened a door and hooted with glee, ‘I guess you can’t smell wine then!’  He had uncovered a wine cellar packed to the brim.  They continued to inventory the cupboards finding some canned soup and chilli.  Miranda let the quilt slip to the floor as she bent over to grab a wine opener from the back of a drawer.  Paul was suddenly behind her as she stood up quickly raising the treasure in a clenched fist.

’Got it!’ was quickly followed by ‘Oh!’ as he moved an arm around her waist and moulded his front to her back.

’What are you hiding under that long underwear Madison?’  he whispered as his head came down to kiss the side of her neck.  She was highly sensitive to each sensation after the weed they had smoked.  She could feel his warm skin against her back and his strong thighs against her arse.  Even though she knew she was supposed to react with indignation all she could manage was a giggle.  Her skin erupted in goose bumps after he dipped in for another light kiss behind her ear.

’Enough of that or we will never get any supper!’ Madison choked out as an excuse for retreat.

When she returned to the living room, Steve had the curtains open watching the snow.

’It’s almost up to the windows,’ he exclaimed.

’Do you guys have any idea how lucky we are right now?’ Madison said softly.  ’We’ve never seen anything like this.  We are so lucky to have run into you!’

Paul chimed in as he entered with arms full of wine and soup.  As Madison busied herself with making a place for the cooking pot in the fire, Steve whispered to Paul

‘I wouldn’t mind running into her some more.’  Paul nodded while hypnotized by the round ass that was pointed their way, ‘You and me both brother!’

© Sophia Kennedy 2013

Sophia Kennedy is new to the erotic literature genre.  She is enjoying using the better half of her brain after a 20-year career in technical writing.  This feature is an excerpt from her debut eBook Read this… with one hand.

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