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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

I had heard from my agent and a registered envelope had come to confirm his news, I had won a competition for a small erotic film I had written and produced. The night of the ceremony had arrived and I was looking at the tuxedo laid out on the bed and had to ask myself how I had come to this place. I had written a speech and was preparing to shave, as I entered the bathroom which was filled with steam and perfumes, it immediately occurred to me exactly how I reached this point in my career.

She was standing in the shower box with that perfect pert arse just awaiting my attentions. It had been her as the script had been formulated even the costuming had been based on underwear she owned. Ellie, tall and lean, inviting and receptive. In my minds eye the entire time and like a fool caught up in his work I never noticed. I could shave later and placed my things on the vanity and moved towards the shower, she had not heard me come in and her back was turned towards me, her face to the wall tiles.

The water and soaps had made her skin sleek with a sheen under the water. She moved her weight forward and leaned into the wall, I watched as she adjusted her feet for better purchase on the floor. She brought both of her arms down and placed her hands between her legs, pushing her breasts  into the wall, the cold tiles touching her nipples and making her gasp. She was slowly rubbing her hands up and down between her legs from wrists to fingertips the suds and bubbles providing lubrication. She was so beautiful to look at standing there inside the clouds of steam with her eyes closed her mouth slightly open panting against the wall.

Her movements slow and deliberate lengthening out each stroke against herself, taking her time becoming lost in the moment obscured by steam and pleasure. I wanted to reach out, to join her but took such delight in drinking in the sight of her standing there. She lowered her head and looked down at the action of her hands and forearms moving them slightly faster as she rested her forehead against the wall. Again I wanted to move toward her but was rooted to the spot and finding my own arousal secondary to hers, the enjoyment she was experiencing, so relaxed and natural  completely lost within herself. I was stroking my cock, now a raging hard-on, so erect and aching for her. Slowly I was manipulating my foreskin back and forth my eyes riveted to her arms and hands now working at a faster pace to please herself.

A small soft smile was playing at the corners of her mouth the same smile I had seen so many times before, her pleasure building her hands matching the pace, urgent and increasing in pressure as small moans escaped her open lips. Her whole diaphragm rising and falling as she reached for and chased down her orgasm. I was transfixed by her and continued to stroke and my cock as she started to shake and moan, leaning into the wall to keep balance.  She was right there, so close almost but not quite, I dropped to my knees as I stepped into the bath and placed my face and mouth behind her arse, Ellie lost no momentum or broke the rhythm as my hands parted the globes of her arse. I started to dart my tongue back and forth inside he as her fingers brushed her clit just above my mouth, her knees were bending as her climax began to pull her down to me, sighing and panting Ellie pushed herself onto my mouth and let me lick and flick, no demanded I lick and flick her inner lips apart, suddenly no movement and a gasp escaped her throat and the sighs became moans and she was lost to the feeling of the bottomless drop. We had somehow ended up on the floor of the bath and my cock was going to show no mercy, she was so ready and so ripe. I slid her beneath me her legs dropping open as she moved, Ellie tilted her hips up to meet me and the head of my cock brushed her still pulsing clit. I had such a desire not just to fuck her but to possess and as they say,  to take her. We were directly under the showerhead and the water was cascading down on us both, water was running back down Ellies pelvis and being caught under her ribs then rivlets of water ran between her breasts and up over her shoulders. Every time I made contact with my cock she shuddered and was still moaning as I slid the head down to her open and now drenched pussy.  She was writhing on the floor of the bath as I slid inside her, immediately I felt her still spasming muscles clench around my shaft and the feeling was incredible. As superb as she looked this felt twice as good, hot and wet it was like a world unto itself. Her arms reaching out for me as she lifted her hips to meet mine the sound of our skin making contact as the water continued to fall. Her passion for me and for more pleasure was just being untapped as she became more aroused by our new game. Bold and wanting me made for unreal sex with this girl as her thrusts equalled mine for fervour and speed. Wild and raw with each other,  panting with lust for each other  Ellie grasped my shoulders with both her arms and pulled me down onto her making me fuck her even deeper inside. I was overwhelmed by her wanton behaviour and impassioned cries, I was trying so hard to fuck her and not cum which was impossible, it was so good. I felt the knot ball at the pit of my belly as I thrusted in and out of this girl a roaring in my ears and the sound of the water was all I could hear, my legs were tight with effort and I was pounding Ellie so hard, I opened my eyes to see that smile once again and she had me, I started to cum, spilling and erupting inside her, she was crying out my name and telling me yes, yes this was what she wanted. I was shaking and had nearly collapsed on top of her, my heart racing out of control. Ellie carefully unwrapped herself from me and stood back under the water, I lay back in the bath exhausted. In a husky voice I was reminded I still had to shave and had better get ready, I could barely move an arm let alone contemplate my razor. Ellie bathed again and left the tub wrapping herself in a huge towel, I languished in the bath letting myself calm down, thinking of her and feeling grateful and happy that she was mine. I had already decided not to use my speech,  I knew where my gratitude should be directed. To the one person who had inspired me and my work and had bought me to this place where I was now to receive accolades for my efforts.  She was my muse and I did not even see it, as is all too often the case. I had been nervous about the evening, now I wanted everyone to see me with Ellie on my arm, to see the reason I was there to receive this award.

© Sher Gillard 2013

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