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Image: Mel Lou

Image: Mel Lou

Club Mel Lou: Dreams become reality, combining art, photography and literature

In her early teens, one day whilst watching TV, Mel stumbled across an interview with legendary Adult Entrepreneur, Jenna Jameson. This was the day that changed her life, ‘Her beauty and intelligence just struck me. I was in total awe!” Mel says, “I remember thinking: Who is this woman!?” Mel was so intrigued she began researching the industry. She soon developed a passion for the adult industry and its diversity. Since late 2005, Australian-born Mel introduced the world to her unique art.

ClubMelLou.com is a dream, years in the making. Her aim is to incorporate her love of the adult industry, with art, erotica and life-exploration, into a website.

Where did Club Mel Lou come from?

Cml is my online home if you like, a part of what began as my modelling career in late 2005.

How long have you had this dream?

To be honest, due to ongoing poor self-image from a child, I had absolutely no expectations or direction upon starting out. However, being around the time when myspace, and other social media sites such as live journal, cherrytap were at peek popularity, in 2006, it became clear to me that an online presence was a crucial factor for success. So the planning of cml began.


Image: Mel Lou

Image: Mel Lou

What are your plans for Club Mel Lou?

In the initial planning stage, it was just going to be a site which coincided with my modelling career, much like any other adult performer’s website. However, with now having more experience and knowledge under my belt, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and combine all of what I have come to love about the adult industry, with class and inspiration, all while bringing pleasure to people without being smutty or offensive. Hopefully branching out into a niche market as well. Here’s hoping people will like it. I love getting feedback as well ’cause it makes me constantly evolve things!

Tell us about your indiegogo campaign.

So, we have just over a month to graciously raise $3000 to cover developer costs in order to make cml happen. After all, cml is made for your viewing pleasure so if you which to contribute, you can donate at: igg.me/at/clubmellouofficial. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Visit the Club Mel Lou Indiegogo page

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