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Lilliana has grown up on a farm, played with DNA, contemplated Jung’s theories and travelled, which fed her imagination and spurred her to write. With over 35 publications, her poetry and short stories are spreading wings, extending to magazines and journals around the world.

Her first collection of poetry, Creating Wings, was published in 2012. She has a Masters in Creative Writing from Adelaide University and has a tendency to get (just a little) grumpy if she doesn’t write every day. Check out more of her work here 

When did you start writing?

I first remember writing stories on the school bus in the mornings. I wrote in pencil in my A4 lined school book. That was when I was in primary school, but I can’t remember my age, maybe 8? It was a rural school bus and a very bumpy trip so I have no idea how I managed to write anything legible. I do remember I had plenty to write about and I filled up pages and pages with stories. I don’t even remember what any of the stories were about! I didn’t keep any of them and I wish now I had. Back then, I was in love with the ‘Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton and I’m sure many of my stories would’ve been similar! Good old Moon-face 🙂

How did you find the process of getting editing and published?

With Little Raven Publishing, it was painless and fun – thank you! I’ve learnt not to take edits personally and give myself time to reflect on the comments so that I can try and work out if any changes sit right with me or not. If I think the changes add to the story, or at least don’t change the story into a different direction to what I was intending then I tend to agree with them. Or if I don’t then I try to come up with an alternative. I think if the editor has picked up on an area then it’s worth considering something might not be working quite right there, or maybe something could be working better.

I must admit that the journey of getting published is much harder than I realised. It is a very competitive industry and subjective. Persistence has taken on a new meaning to me! But because writing is something I love and enjoy, I keep writing new work, which means I have new stories to send out. I think that is also something that helps me to keep trying; it can be fun sending out new work into the world.

Did you choose poetry or did poetry choose you?

Interesting you ask the question like this. Poetry chose me. Writing poems has been something that has happened to me on my way to writing a novel. It was meant to be part of the process of me improving my writing. I seem to get my poems published much easier than my prose, so I try and go with the flow and keep writing poems.

Tell us about your publications.

Well I have over 40 poems published in the last four years, which I can’t believe. Again another indication that poetry choose me! In the tough industry of writing and publishing it’s been a real boost to have so many poems published – it’s helped me not to lose hope and keep on trying. I do enjoy trying to find new places for my poems, and with the age of epublishing there are so many more options and opportunities if you look around closely – like erotic poetry.

Creating Wings (my first poetry collection) published by Infinity Dreaming (2012). The theme is around getting over the trials of life and back on your feet.

‘Life can pluck out your feathers and clip your wings, leaving you stranded and alone. Until you remember to create a new set of wings.’

New Skies a ‘long’ short story published by Less Than Three Press (2013). It’s a steampunk sweet romance – a lot of fun to write.

‘All Opal wants is to spend time with her beautiful, fiery lover and continue to build a life together—when she’s not building and testing new inventions. But their peace and happiness is shattered by the appearance of a ghost—a ghost Opal does not believe in despite the evidence.’

Browsing a short story published by Bewildering Stories (2013). A different look on consumerism, the story is about an over charged shopaholic prowling the cells of the living breathing organism of the shopping mall.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading ‘Leopard’ by Jo Nesbo. It’s been a while since I’ve read crime and it’s great to be in this genre once more. Plus I’ve travelled in Norway so I know some of the places, and it’s exciting to read a book and know the area that the writer is talking about.

I also got a book of poetry for Christmas ‘The Flowers of Evil’ translation by James McGowan, which I’ve started reading. I think this will give me lots of inspiration!

Why do you think poetry is suited to being erotic?

Well now I think all forms of writing is suited to the erotic genre 😉

But what is good about poetry in particular is that it is (usually) short, so it is something that you can put in your pocket (so to speak) and the images stay with you all through the day as you peel away the layers getting to the juicy bits.

I also think there’s a lot more value for words, images, which is a good thing considering how busy our daily lives are.

What are you up to next?

Last year I wrote a poem a day (OMG what was I thinking!) so I really would like to go over these poems and try and edit them and see if some are worth publishing. There are a few short stories brewing in the back of my mind, which hopefully will begin to take form so I can write them.

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