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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

Then Margi approached and gave his testicles an almighty squeeze, digging her sharp fingernails into his scrotum, so deep that Peter screamed out in unbearable pain, after the pounding they had already taken from the numerous well-aimed kicks.

‘I think they are tender enough, Margi,’ Vera reported to her friend as she continued to apply pressure to Peter’s balls.

Margi smiled, obviously happy to give Peter, as much discomfort, as she could.

Peter’s testicles were bruised and swollen and very tender to the touch. They felt as big as two footballs between his legs

‘Yes, I think that they are tender enough, too. Let’s march him through to the dungeon now that he will be able to appreciate real pain down there.’ Margi observed, giving his testicles another merciless squeeze.

‘He’s not very hard, Vera. That’s a disappointment. He won’t be able to feel the pain so well, if he is prick is flaccid and absorbs the hurt. We will have to work on that and make him hard again. Then I will tie it tight with a piece of string round it to prevent his blood running away, if we have a piece long enough,’ Margi said with a wink. ‘It should make his balls feel better when I split then apart with the string. We will show him no mercy down there, not when we have come so far, already. We will take it in turns to choose the punishments and try to beat each other in intensity every time. You start Vera, when I’ve hung him from the ceiling with the chains and spread-eagle his legs with that special bar,’ an evil sounding Margi proposed to her always compliant and equally wicked, friend.

Peter was at their mercy.

He couldn’t resist.

He hoped they would be kind.

That was a forlorn hope, he soon realised.

They were supposed to love him, a little anyway, weren’t they? Peter hoped that would go far enough to temper their evil intent.

Was Peter hoping for too much? They seemed lost in a different world.

Peter could see it in their eyes.

Were they on something? Peter hadn’t seen them drink that much. In fact, he hadn’t seen Vera touch anything at all, but she still looked sloshed.

Peter knew that these two women had evil intent. They must be psycho, he thought, otherwise why they should want to do all those nasty things to him, especially to the part that pleasured them the most.

After both had given him a suck, one fingering herself whilst the other performed, Peter was soon rigid, as he had been many times before. He had no problems there.

Margi wrapped string around the erect organ very tightly, to keep it stiff, before splitting and separating those tender balls to make them a bigger target to hit, which Margi did, several times, with a riding crop that she still held in her hand.

Peter was almost out of his mind.

The blows to his now very tender testicles and erect, but bruised penis made him scream again, as each stroke found its way to home in on the tender spot..

Margi certainly knew where to hit to cause him the maximum pain.

She was an expert at it.

‘It is your turn to get to work now, Vera. I saw you getting that ball sack with the spikes. I bet he can’t take 3lbs. That is the record, isn’t it, Vera? I’ll get you the weights, whilst you fasten him up,’ Margi offered to help her friends.

This Vera did encasing his testicles inside the leather brace with spikes on the inside make them bite into his little eggs, as the small chains hung down, to which would be attached the weights to stretch his scrotum down and cause the spikes to dig deeper in.

As each weight was attached to the chain the more his scrotum was stretched and deeper the spikes found their way into his skin.

It was agony, made worse by the odd tap in that region, by the riding crop, so expertly placed to achieve the most pain.

The two women laughed, as each weight was added, Margi betting Vera that she could not stretch his balls, so much that they would touch the ground.

And so it continued with the pinwheel, being cruelly manipulated up and down his entrapped penis, making the odd spot of blood appear on the surface as the pins penetrated his overstretched skin.

The sadistic women were enjoying every move and all the distress that they were causing to poor Peter their beloved man.

They loved it.

It was their favourite game.

Then, they pierced through the now burning urethral tip with a rough sound, which was cruelly driven down his urethra to make him sore inside, causing Peter to give out a muffled scream though his silky cum stained gag.

It was getting better all the time, as far as far as the naked ladies were concerned.

In front of the restrained Peter, they embraced, kissed each other passionately on the lips and desperately sought each other’s clitoris through their respective labia with their right hands, lingering in mutual massage, whilst the rough sound vibrated away inside Peter’s much abused penis making him feel that he was enduring a short trip to hell.

© William Blencoe 2014

William Blencoe was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England in 1948 and attended a local Grammar School, until he began his legal studies at Leeds University in 1967, where he successfully obtained a Law Degree in 1970. He later qualified as a solicitor, running his own practice for over twenty-five years, before retiring in 2002 to concentrate on a literary career.

During his time as practicing lawyer, William became a respected criminal advocate, dealing with several high profile cases, which have provided him with plenty of real life material to form the backbone of his fiction writing. His first venture into the literary world has resulted in his writing a trilogy entitled Life amid crisis.


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