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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.


the things I like most about you, lover,

in no particular order,

your skin

especially on your arms

your chest and belly

nipples a bit like a young woman’s, soft like your skin

your smile

quietness smiles

once you told me my breasts are perfect; I like remembering you holding my breast like you might a flower, eyes drinking it in

your absence

I like that it is over a year since I have been naked with you in creamy clean sheets

creamy clean skin

I like the man on TV, sometimes, who looks a lot like you, even sounds like you

gentle biting of my neck through my hair

I like that you know about my shoulders, my back

you indulge me there

mornings, especially, before the length of your body, sleep-warm, nuzzles in

we wake each other with languid little stretches and glidings

kiss good morning with our whole bodies


I like that you make me awful toast, white bread with margarine and orange marmalade

I eat most of it, drink my milky tea

your sunny kitchen our parlour

quiet togetherness our finale

I like that you texted me this week

this poem

next week?

© Nia Sims 2014

I’m described by my psychologist as an ‘over-helper.’ I’m striving to stop distracting myself with other people’s business and to focus on my own convoluted and rich life journey. Writing, in particular erotic fiction, is a therapy and a naughty pleasure, an outlet for the inner troublemaker and the inner sensualist. My writing very often has a flavour of lounge sensuality, largely because that’s the kind of intimacy I crave at the end of a long day surviving the wildness of the world. Sometimes though, after a few coffees and a cheeky cigarette my writing ventures into very playful, trippy territory.

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