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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

Lily wheeled Elizabeth into the bathroom. There, she closed the door, lit a stick of incense and filled a bowl with bath salts and water.

Elizabeth didn’t mind the idea of being naked around Lily. They’d seen each other’s less matured bodies in changing rooms in high school, before the accident. The only thing Elizabeth was conscious of, as Lily undid the buttons of her shirt, was the imprint of her heart beating hard against her chest. She hardly thought Lily could fail to notice it.

Lily’s slim fingers were gentle and smooth as she undid first one button, then another, until Elizabeth’s bared belly and white bra were visible. Elizabeth leaned forward in her wheelchair while Lily pulled the back of the shirt free and folded it neatly over the towel rack. Next, her pants.

‘Trust me,’ Lily murmured. Her face was so close to Elizabeth’s; she could almost taste the floral scent of Lily’s breath mingled with the perfume she wore.

And she did trust Lily. Implicitly.

When it came to remove her pants, Elizabeth felt herself lifted from the chair with the same gentle touch Lily employed at every turn. There was no hint of exertion on the other woman’s features and, just like that, Elizabeth’s pants were removed, then folded alongside the button up shirt on the towel rack. It was almost like magic.

As Lily leaned forward, Elizabeth bit her lip, looking into the eyes of this woman she’d never quite stopped thinking about and who—maybe—had not quite stopped thinking about her either. As she looked down into Lily’s eyes, chocolate-brown irises gazed back at her. Tiny lines around her eyes—Elizabeth saw now—spoke of the years that spanned between them; adolescence to adulthood. A slight curve to the lip exposed more small lines, around the mouth. She had changed, Elizabeth thought. Or maybe she’d just become more completely the person she’d been at sixteen.

‘What are you thinking?’ Lily asked her, fingers letting go of the pendant.

Elizabeth’s shoulders rose and fell. ‘I’m thinking…of you. And of us at sixteen.’

Lily smiled, and said, ‘I’ve been thinking about us, too, the last few days.’

The sponge bath that followed was amongst the most sensual experiences of Elizabeth’s life. It didn’t seem to matter that Elizabeth couldn’t feel anything below the waist. Lily started with her feet, washing carefully between each individual toe and the curve of the foot. She kept her gaze on Elizabeth as she moved to wash each ankle. The same heat Elizabeth had felt from the first time Lily massaged her legs was there again now but more. The bathing of those regions she couldn’t feel became a promise of the pleasure she would be able to feel.

As Lily dipped the sponge into the hole of her belly button, Elizabeth’s body quivered with delight.

Lily immediately withdrew the sponge. ‘Is that alright?’ she asked, the very image of innocence, and left Elizabeth under no illusions that Lily knew exactly what she was doing to her while she passively sat. It was the most excitement she had experienced since the accident that paralysed her from the waist.

As the sponge, guided by Lily’s careful hand, glided around to the curve of Elizabeth’s back and waist, Elizabeth let her head fall back. There was no support for her neck that high above the back of the wheelchair, but Elizabeth didn’t care. Her breathing was coming faster now, as Lily bathed her ribcage, and the sponge rubbed against the underside of her breast.

There was a deep down sensation, a tightening, that was familiar from the times she’d enjoyed sex in the past. Lifting her head, her gaze went hazy with pleasure as Lily lathered her breasts with the scented water.

She hadn’t thought she’d ever feel this way again. Her gaze locked with Lily as her breath panted in and out, and then Lily leaned forward. Her lips were ever so soft as they touched against Elizabeth’s. With exquisite patience, Lily’s tongue explored the inside of Elizabeth’s mouth, like a tiny, inquisitive bird. Elizabeth kissed her back. Her entire body was damp from the sponge bath but she pushed her torso forward, reaching her arms around Lily to draw her closer. Her upper body shook with spasms she couldn’t and didn’t want to control.

Finally, Lily rested her head against Elizabeth’s forehead. ‘How do you feel?’ she whispered.

‘I feel… like I could fly,’ Elizabeth whispered back.

Lily smiled. ‘Let’s see if we can arrange that.’

Lily finished the bathing off with loving strokes of the sponge around Elizabeth’s neck and collarbone, with another light kiss against her cheek.

Worn out and stunned, Elizabeth could hardly wait for Lily to come back to her with the towel.

© Nicole Field nee Fergusson 2014

Image: Nicole D Fergusson

Image: Nicole D Fergusson

Nicole has been writing for almost as long as she can remember. Her writing career started in grade four with Enid Blyton’s Naughtiest Girl in the School fan-fiction and quickly spread across to problematically titled short stories about a group of school kids with super powers called Twilight Zone. (12 year old Nicole was unfortunately unaware that there was another popular series sharing this title…)

Her biggest inspirations are writers like Isobelle Carmody who had first novels published from an early age.

Other favourite authors: Patricia Briggs, Holly Black, Melissa Marr, Juliet Marillier, Kevin Hearn, Sarah Waters, Jacqueline Carey, Phillipa Gregory and Joanne Harris.

Favourite fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Glee, Smash, The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Friends and Sherlock.

Nicole writes across the spectrum of sexuality, has recently had a lesbian excerpt featured in the Little Raven Feature of the Week blog as well as having a gay short story in Q: Queermance Volume 1.

She also likes candles, incense and Gilmore Girls.

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