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This wasn’t the first time she had found herself here. Over a dozen times in the last month, in fact, Elsa had come to this exact spot to watch the door that had been hers, the house they had chosen together, to determine whether or not another woman had moved into her spot. Seth had fucked just about the whole neighborhood before she had realized that their Forever was a new Over.

Now she saw a pretty brunette approaching the front stoop, and long before the long legs in the short skirt had turned to perfectly demonstrate a relationship to Elsa’s home, what had been, Elsa had her pegged. Not nearly as tall as Elsa, this one was pert, maybe ten years younger. That was enough for Seth. He liked his women tight, lean, short or tall, just so their lines were long. He was always talking about lines. It was the designer in him, Elsa supposed.

Elsa snapped a picture. A quick artificial click as her iPhone pretended to do the work of a 35mm camera, and Elsa contemplated this — the instantaneous nature of image development, the quick dissolution of imagined lives, the images we choose for ourselves and those we show the world without ever really considering it.

Long, track star stride putting her across the street and on the bottom step just as the Seth’s new and temporary girl slipped a key into the door, Elsa spoke, her voice slow, Southern, bourbon infused, ‘I used to live here.’ And now the girl turned to face her, a queer smile across her delicate face, expression friendly, curious.

‘You’re Elsa.’ She said simply, no conflict, no emotional rising at her throat, fearless. ‘I recognize you,’ Ashland looked amused when Elsa seemed perplexed, adding ‘from the pics Seth keeps in the bottom drawer of his desk and from your spot across the street.’ She sat the observation there between them without accusation.

Extending her left hand for a quick squeeze of Elsa’s, she kept her right hand on the key, ‘I’m Ashland,’ she said, and Elsa thought she might be sick—it was a child’s name, the sort that had become popular when every other form of Ashley had been exhausted in baby name popularity lists. But there was nothing to dislike about this girl, no matter how much Elsa might try to muster deep repulsion.

Ashland’s eyes were nearly surreal, silver in the center with copper and green flecks to the outside, and Else found this rather mesmerizing, especially against the smooth, soft welcome of her skin. Ashland preened at Elsa’s attention.

‘There’s no reason for you to wait outside every day wondering about what sort of person I might be.’ Ashley pushed the door open, stepped inside, moved to make Elsa welcome again in the house she had decorated. ‘Come inside. Seth is away for the night, maybe tomorrow, too. Besides, he wouldn’t mind. He misses you. He told me.’ And now Ashland took Elsa’s hand to lead her to the fluffy couch in the reading room.

Sliding to the floor just in front of Elsa, who made herself fairly comfortable on the deep cushions where she and Seth had so often made love, Ashland let her eyes wander from Elsa’s tan thighs to her firm breasts.

‘It may surprise you to know this, Elsa,’ Ashley blushed, bit her bottom lip shyly, ‘but it was you I noticed first. Seth knows that you are the one I have wanted most, and he thinks we could all be so tight together if you’d only give me a chance to prove myself.’

Now Elsa knew why she had come in the first place. Barrier melting away between her and Ashland, Elsa realized she still belonged here.

© Nola Erus 2014

Image: Nola Erus

Image: Nola Erus

Nola Erus, reared in a deeply sensual family which taught her to observe the evolving world around her in its most minute glory, comes to her love of language and communication naturally. Her sexy stories have appeared at RealAffection and Sexologie and in Bunnie, I Kissed a Girl, and other choice spots. Find her on Facebook.

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