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To celebrate the launch of  A Storytelling of Ravens: The Best of Little Raven Publishing 2011 – 2014, we’re featuring the talented editors, writers and designers involved.

Image: Mark Russell Dean

Image: Mark Russell Dean

Van Roberts is a writer, editor and the director of Little Raven Publishing. She is driven by a love for original, strong, quality writing.

A lifelong erotica fan, she mentioned her vague dream of one day running a publishing house during an Editing 1 class.

Encouraged by the response, an open-mic reading was organised to test the waters. A small group of writers gathered in the band room of the John Curtin Hotel, in Melbourne, Australia. It was dark and many read their erotic stories by the light of their phones. All that was needed was a name, the answer came from the classroom.

A classmate presented a seminar and passed around a brochure: Bird life of Victoria. Van flicked through the pages and a name jumped out, Corvus Mellori, otherwise known as Little Raven.

She has contributed to Frankie, The Pluck, Time Out, The Pun, Le Grind, RHUM, Lingua Franca, Sacred/Profane, Sotto, Horror, Sleaze and Trash, Spineless Wonders, Voluted Tales, Novus Meain, NOIR Erasure Poetry Anthology, Little Raven One, Little Raven Two, Little Raven Three, A Storytelling of Ravens: The Best of Little Raven Publishing 2011 – 2014, The E-Grimoire, TEDxMelbourne, Australian Love Poems 2013 and Australian Love Poems. Van created the zines Scribbley-Ness and Adventures in Sexual Frustration, and the photomontage books 2 days until norway, Hotel postmortems and The Watchman.

She has been Theaterotica’s literary advisor and a judge of the Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards (VIC).

Van has been interviewed on radio and television, been a guest speaker and performed at Velvet Tongue in London, where her performance was reviewed by Helen Whitcher (This is Cabaret) ‘her work draws guilty and knowing chuckles as she touches on thoughts we all secretly have.’




Image: Mark Russell Dean

Image: Mark Russell Dean