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Image: Jane Christensen

Image: Jane Christensen

When Melbourne-based indie erotica publishers banQuetpress and Little Raven decided to collaborate, a grand idea was hatched to give writers an opportunity to show-off their steamy tales in an erotic short story competition. We launched the search for work that explored a diverse range of sexualities and sexual expressions. Over seventy people responded and we enjoyed reading the variety of erotic writing.

The three winners are featured in Exchanges: Ankur van der Woude, Tasha Bibi and Sue Booker. All three stories explore erotic exchanges of power and pleasure in playful, dramatic and original ways. Ankur van der Woude‘s ‘Willkommen in Deutschland’ is a feisty romp through Berlin between a movie star and a mere mortal; in Tasha Bibi‘s ‘Moscato and Chocolate’ two lesbian lovers and newbie kinksters find pleasure in blindfolds and booze; and Sue Booker‘s ‘Fine Lines’ blurs the line between Master and slave. At times edgy, the stories present sex-positive characters and scenarios that you may wish to replicate.

Exchanges launches the 21st of September at Hares and Hyenas. More info here.