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I reached over and slowly slid the elastic out of her hair, releasing those scented blonde curls over the tender curves of her shoulders.

I lifted those heavy locks, brought my lips to her neck and she shied away, coyly swaying-

But I had already tangled my fingertips in those sea-mist curls, and I pulled her towards me with a hungry insistence, a wild longing for what I’d been denying myself for so long.

Then I was sinking, sinking, down into sultry depths with this woman that I begged with my lips to take me. Down and down we went, her full lips on mine, locked in ecstatic battle, long put-off passion waging war against my pretended stillness of desire.

Tangled together, I reached then for Alex, that stormy beauty to my right, and we three crashed together into a tempest-force:

Passion washed us over like furious salty waves as fingers grasped and gave pleasure and lips pressed. Moans came like pebbles against the rocks, and we all thrummed in time to an eternal erotic beat.

© Cassidy Weyel 2014

I’m a 26-year-old Connecticut native who relocated to Tampa, Florida to pursue my writing career and my newfound polyamorous relationship with two amazing women, who happen to be my muses. I have a degree in Women’s Studies and I’m a Reiki master and nemophilist (def: haunter of the woods; one who loves the forest and its beauty and solitude). I’m a bit of a wildflower, fascinated with exploring new places and getting to know other creatives and writers.

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