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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

LRO_FBprofile008_guestblogHe had that same intensity in his eyes that once thrilled her. It was different now, to see it focused on another woman, a girl no less. She couldn’t have been more than nineteen. She was a tall thing, gangly and unkempt. But she had that flaming red hair that Bill loved so much and firm tits that sat up high without need of a bra. She could see the outline of the girl’s nipples through her shirt. No doubt this was what caught Bill’s attention first.

She thought about what were to happen if she decided to wander over to the girl and give her a shy, unassuming smile. Bill would take notice then, he had always loved it when she played coy. Perhaps she’d offer to buy the girl a drink. The girl would ask for a vodka and cranberry, as all young girls do before they really learn how to drink. She would befriend her and chat inanely while Bill lingered behind, lips pursed around his cigarette.

It would be so easy to get her to agree to come home with them. She was still attractive, men told her as much. She knew Bill thought so too. She’d take the girl home, not Bill, that was very important. She would take and he would watch. It would be friendly at first; they would share a drink, a proper one this time, maybe a joint too. She would caress her hair, wrap a fiery lock around her finger and tug lightly, exposing her neck. She would place a kiss on her jutting collarbone and the girl would taste of sweat and smoke. How easy it would be to take one of those perky nipples into her mouth and circle it with her tongue, knowing the sight would make Bill hard. The girl would be wet the first time she slides a finger inside her cunt, and clench around her when she adds a second. The girl would beg and she would take and Bill would watch. She could picture it now. How easy it all would be.

She clasped Bill’s hand and steered him aside, blocking the red haired beauty from view. But Bill’s eyes never wavered as they peered over the top of her head. She had always been too short and always hated it.

‘Would you like to fuck her?’ she asked.

‘I think so.’

‘I’ll fuck her if you want me to,’ she said.

‘I don’t think so.’

‘Perhaps another time then,’ she said.

She kissed Bill’s neck, inhaling the smell of sweat and smoke.

© Tegan Lyon 2014

Tegan Lyon has had a passion for writing since she learned how to read. She writes mostly scripts and short stories, and is a novice to the erotic fiction genre. When she isn’t glued to her keyboard she divides her time between drinking, waitressing and finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at RMIT.

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