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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

Her body was wedged into the foot well between his legs. The roar of the engine behind her was deafening as they cruised to the weekly gathering. Steve at the wheel, his challenge set. Her job was to break in the new member while enjoying her favourite fun, not to mention enjoying the look on Steve’s face. Toby’s face blank in disbelief as to what was happening, sat frozen with only his eyes moving tracking her movements. She unzipped his jeans, releasing him.

‘Well!’ she thought to herself. ‘Hope the load is better than the gun.’ She leaned in closer and taking him firmly in her hands, she eyed him grinning. She slid him into her mouth, her tongue rolling around his length, teasing him as she dipped gently into its eye. Her one hand softly traced the skin on this gems, feeling them quiver and tighten.

Holding him firmly she started to move up and down waking him, her mouth dripping worked his head. Toby gasped and jerked in his seat his eyes never leaving her. She plunged him into her mouth humming as she felt his throbbing in her hand. She watched both their faces. If Steve lost concentration she would stop cold and he knew it. Steve simply smiled and kept his eyes on the road.

The feel of the growing dampness of her knickers and the pulsing between her humming lips cause them both to groan. As she dragged her teeth along his pulsing shaft she slid it deeper working him a little faster. As she engulfed him, her teeth and tongue torturing him, her hand squeezing his gems with each stroke and plunge. Her mouth dripped wildly, coating him and her other hand. She ran her tongue wetly underneath his gems, nibbling at them. She flicked across them before sucking them into her mouth.

Toby gasped and moved to give her better access. She drew away and with a pop they slid from between her lips. With a lick of her lips, she rammed him deep with one swift movement into the back of her throat. His breathing grew wilder and he went to grab her head. Steve’s hand shot out and grabbed him, his eyes never leaving the road.

‘Don’t touch her!’ he said.

She lifted her skirt and slid her fingers inside herself. Her eyes closed she groaned deeply, her and nipples hard, her body zinging with the shockwaves of her silent orgasms. She opened her eyes suddenly in Steve’s direction. She let her eyes travel to the hard hot bulge she expected to see in his jeans. She could feel the tension build in Toby. She held him still in her mouth, not moving, his head hard against the back of her throat. Sliding her fingers from her wet, sticky self, she moved them up to his gems coating them with her cum. As she slid her fingers back inside, she started to work his head, tightly sucking him.

When she felt his tremors slow she drew him from her mouth letting his cum coat her lips. She brought her fingers dripping to her lips mixing them with Toby’s cum. An evil grin crossed her face as she licked her lips and kissed Toby on the lips. As she leant over and kissed Steve she whispered, ‘Well done my horny lover.’ Toby sat staring open mouthed, wondering what the hell he had gotten himself into.

© SteelsDesire 2014

Image: SteelsDesire

Image: SteelsDesire

I have written since my high school days. In the last few years after I began to wonder whether I was good enough to make a career of it. Working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Publishing, training along with support from my tutors led me here.


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