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Image: Jane Christensen

Image: Jane Christensen

We’re celebrating the writers, editors, proofreaders, designers, publishers involved in Exchanges, including Lorna Hendry.

Lorna is the skilled designer from Text & Type.

Text & Type. What’s that about?


Because I can help you create great content for print or online publications. It might be as simple as editing your existing words to make them easier to understand and more interesting for the readers. Or I can research and write the content from scratch. And I’m an experienced and slightly obsessive proofreader with a great eye for detail.

I’m also dipping my toes into the world of trade publishing. Editing, proofreading, fiction, nonfiction, print or digital. I love it all.


Because I can also design, layout and manage the printing of the final product. I have more than 20 years’ experience of design, layout and print management. I’ve worked in corporate graphic design studios as well as freelancing for arts organisations, not-for-profits and community groups. I can also design and deliver automated Word templates that save organisations time and money and stop their staff from chucking their computers through the window. And, yes, I can make ePubs for you too.

Image: Jane Christensen

Image: Jane Christensen