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At night, she’s the first thing he sees. Some nights she clusters with friends. Other times she’s alone. But no matter, her beauty out shines all others. Some nights she plays coy and hides away. But no matter, he loves her just the same.

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Don’t you want a taste
All you have to do is trace
Warm and soft
Like a cookie
This won’t crumble
If it takes a tumble
This flesh mound
Can take a real pounding

Those Boys

When I am amongst the boys
equally excited by the regrets and throw backs
especially the fit ones with skin that matches honey
they all give off such hints of gladness
almost all would say I am
merely candy to their eyes
I radiate gooey goodness
shaking my tail feathers
and batting my eyes
around me they all gather
flexing their muscles and pea cocking
musk flows from their pores
come into this enticing world
of easy-come-easy-go
filled with wine and


Prodigious Pepper
Enormous Spear
New York Skyscraper
Immeasurable Hose
Sturdy Pole
Veal Curtain
Apple Turnover
Gravy Train
Ice cream sundae
New England Clam Chowder
Albacore Tuna

My Boyfriend

My boyfriend likes healthy foods like fish and toss salads
My boyfriend likes animals, particularly camels and donkeys
My boyfriend likes the girls in skimpy underwear, garter belts, or naked
My boyfriend likes itty bitty waists and curves that go on for miles
My boyfriend likes big butts, but mine has been deflated since the Spring of ’69

© Scarlett Yorn 2014

Image: Scarlett Yorn

Image: Scarlett Yorn

Scarlett obtained her Master’s Degree in English Literature, but has found her true passion in creative writing. A lifelong Texan, Scarlett is inspired by her personal relationships. She enjoys erotic fiction because it gives her the freedom to delve into the emotional power of being in a sexual relationship. Currently, she is working on a series of short stories titled Flowers in Bloom.

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