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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

Now We Know

Blow-Job Desert storms away he goes to find this

payphone right cos he can’t deal free choice my
arse so he’s holed up all night spent gettin’ hard
while callin’ her from some motel by name
only when he gets through to her he
doesn’t have a fuckin’ clue man
what to say and settles on I
shit you not
a wake

20 Minute Daddy

baby’s a sailorgirl
don’t expect to see the change
foreign tongue
tied up
never known to be
more or less sober
than when she gives her order
to put out
his smoke
screen siren
fill her rivermouth
and how she loves to swallow it
reminds her of home


get fucked son
momma’s cave
holds a heavy fire
shadow playground
grown and raised
dick between her legs
just face it
to the wall
we both know
shackled to
you’ll come

© Deborah Derenkowsky 2014

Deborah Derenkowsky is a Scottified Swede making her writing debut in the English language after spending time in linguistic limbo. She was once likened to ‘Eeyore with a great deal of Pooh.’

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