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Image: Jane Christensen

Image: Jane Christensen

Little Raven presents their third anthology of original erotica. This selection of twelve short stories showcases new authors and old favourites who’ve come back for more.

Get hot and heavy with a succubus. Learn the secrets of an android porn star. Meet a dreamy hypnotherapist and discover the sexy side of Tetris.

Erotica was never more clever, creative or fun than in Little Raven Three.

Little Raven Three features Binky Banks, Jeff Black, Fleur Blüm, Deborah Derenkowsky, Nicholas G Frank, Roxanne Groebel, Catfish McDaris, Peter Millard, Van Roberts, Nia Sims, Nicole Smith and Ankur van der Woude.

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Pub date: 13 November 2014
RRP: $4.95 AUD
Imprint: Little Raven Publishing
Format: eBook