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LRO_FBprofile008_guestblogSENTENCE OF YOUR SKIN

Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.

My heart is orbiting around you while burning
I am reading the sentence of your skin letter by letter
And I am freestyle swimming in the open sea of your skin

Your feminine scent stays on my heart
And your sweat is on the memory of my mouth
Your breasts are a pair of doves taking wing to my face

A rainy rosebud is blooming to me at the South of your body
I am a black train passing through it as reaching to the spring
Spring is your skin’s sun sweat invading my life

My skin is mute to everyone accept you
A rose revolution at the places of my body you kissed
I am asking to the universe on the double:

How can I add possessive suffix before the word ‘Love’ again?


© Serkan Engin 2014

Image: Serkan Engin

Image: Serkan Engin

A socialist Laz poet from Turkey, Serkan Engin was born in 1975 in Izmit, Turkey.

His poems have been published in English in The Tower Journal, Poetry’z Own, Belleville Park Pages, Far Enough East, Spilt Infinitive Lit Magazine, Empty Mirror, The Writer’s Drawer, Poetry Super Highway, Miracle E-zine, Industry Night Lit Magazine, Open Road Review, Shot Glass Journal, The Criterion and Mediterranean Poetry. Some of his poems appeared in Japanese in the leading Japanese philosophy and poetry journal Shi to Shisou.


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