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Please note that this content is sexually explicit. We recommend that you should not read this content if you are offended by sexually explicit material.




lover come over

pull over and kiss me-
ride this rein-in hard
don’t be soft-spoken in your signals
clearly veering off a page
‘front of center – opposite me’subtle turns, past chapters
a bleed, like paper cuts
racing toward the middle
probing a sense
of how you want to touch this,

i’ve wanted to feel my fingers in you
ever since you left-
taste the tip of you with a drawl on my tongue
plant hands like seeds into your soil
glimpse how quickly you bloom
under weighted fingertips
see if your breath catches fire
while you wilt, then burn brighter

i want to get down and dirty in your bayou
follow course down river
sink deep in your delta
hang low like trails
melody down your front
coast in phantasmic whispers along your ebb and flows
nestle deep into a black heat of your southern night
follow the pulsating moon of your eyes
watch it crescent to eclipse
descend far flung into heaven
as it fades and collides into mine

little star, syncopate in this- universal euphoria
reanimate the way worlds run round
make all go still with the feel of you on my lips-
between these thighs, come into mine

hot fusion
our bodies connect as hot fusion
never drafted to be kept apart as individual formonce merged, ions stuck
united before cognition hit
drawn together in the measure of a silver mirror
we watched both sides reflect
well-suited, in our selves
nothing diminished the union, only converted into pure energy

flesh was the only illusion
intermingled halves, melded whole
scarcely aware of synthesis
the dynamic interlace cradled us closer to combustible lust
a bare bone-density of souls
transformed into a fuel powering the stars

heaven scatters over two heads reclining
sunbursts from our eyes
a prophet privy to too much at once
strikes white lightning from the flash of knowing
a selfsame omnipotence glimpsed from a dream
suggests the secret to the universe is gleaned
throttling every intuitive movement forward

in sanctum sanctorum destined doorways
make paths light up and unfold
carved out in cuneiform
a signed language of locutionary whispers
mouthe in delirious fever
its body (of) signals in sub rosa
write testament to a synthesis such as this
bound in a sang-froid of equal parts
hardly grasping, we exist
we down each other like a shot (after shot)
intoxicating the air to breathe fire
and reign down over a world of chaotic collusion
in a fall-out so blinding, even whim, drives its witness mad

i am not interested in being a substitution
or placeholder in time
i want to be _one_ (with you)

© Stephanie Rigsby 2015

Stephanie Rigsby has penned words to a page, since the tender age of 13. Her writing has been published in Fault Lines, The Pulse of Mixed Media, Maintenant No. 5 & 6, the Yellow Journal, and the Roseville Literary Review.

Her visual art has been featured at the Float Gallery, Fireside Lounge, Revel Art Gallery, and the Fast Frwrd Film Festival. She was also a featured artist in the online art magazines Bogamia and Drunken Boat. Group shows include Solespace, somaR, Autobody Fine Art Gallery, Russian River Gallery, Athens International Art Exhibition, Mitrovan Art Exhibition in Russia, the Modesto International Architecture Exhibition, McGuires, Warehouse416 Gallery, Ladyfest Brooklyn,  OCC Women’s Center, and the Roseville Art Gallery. Her photography has been published in Artists to Look Out For, New Orleans, Wanderlust, Maintenant 5, MusicWerks, 96 Hours (SF Chronicle), SFGate, the Alameda Sun, Synergyzine, and Swampland. Her art has also been used in album art for bands local to San Francisco. Her photography is also featured in several online music magazines and band websites.

Her next exhibition of Photomontages will be held at Bocanova in Oakland, on January 12th 2015.

Please feel free to review additional examples of her work and share your thoughts online-
Poetry: www.goodreads.com/story/list/110787
Photography on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/theskyhasfallen/