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Image courtesy of EroticFic

Image courtesy of EroticFic





Publishers, writers, editors, readers and lovers of erotic fiction – we need to stick together! Michael from www.eroticfic.com got in touch to tell me about this exciting project ‘dedicated to providing free erotic fiction.’

How did EroticFic come about?
We at EroticFic have been fans of the free erotic fiction community for years. We love sexy stories, but existing websites simply let them down. Every website we have found is antiquated: they look 50 years old and are certainly not sexy.

That’s where we come in. We provide a modern interface and beautiful images so that your environment feels sexy and clean while reading our free erotic fiction.

Who are the people behind it? Are you writers/readers of erotic fiction?
We are a long time duo: Michael and Matthew. We have worked professionally together for nearly a decade, and are both fathers and happily married.

Free erotic fiction is a shared passion of ours, but unfortunately we are not skilled enough authors to create the wonderful content we are inspired by every day. By building a healthy community, we wish to bring avid readers like ourselves together with the authors that make it all possible.

What are you reading at the moment?
Michael, as a guilty pleasure, is reading Fifty Shades of Darkness. Matthew enjoys short erotic stories more, and so is not currently reading any erotic novel. He is reading Loving by Henry Green.

What’s the most read category on Erotic Fic?
Our current most popular category is Anal! This could change at any time, so come and support your favourites.

How do you decide what stories get selected?
EroticFic started by us choosing our favourite stories and sharing them on our website. Since then we allow anybody to submit stories without any registration. We then moderate these stories and select the highest quality ones ourselves. We have plans to implement a community review process in the future.

How do people submit their work?
Simply visit our Submit Story page and post a story. If it is of reasonable quality, it will be approved and displayed to the world. To share your stories requires no registration, only quality.

What’s your dream for EroticFic?
Our dream is to be the future of online free erotic fiction. We feel that the online free erotic fiction world is far less than ideal: there are hundreds of advertisement infested websites that are impossible to navigate, and quite frankly are ugly.

This is a sad state for fans like ourselves, but it is also an opportunity for us to create something magical. If you’re interested in a beautiful clean website to view thousands of free erotic stories please give us a visit at www.eroticfic.com