Managing editor Talia Eilon has done a wonderful job overseeing the production of Little Raven Four. Thanks to Talia, the staff and volunteers, we’ve finished editing and proofreading! We’ve gathered a selection to stir the imagination, inspire the heart and tickle you in all the right places; Little Raven Four will be released later in the year.

We’re proud to announce that our fourth anthology will feature stories and poems by Deborah Derenkowsky, Dettori, Alexis Rhone Fancher, William Foxwood, Nicholas G Frank, Jacqui Greaves, Brigitte Lewis, Bonny Lunn, Catfish McDaris, Andy Murdoch, Jock Read-Hill, Van Roberts, Ernesto Sarezale, Randall Stephens, James Walton and Ankur van der Woude.

Keep an eye out!