Little Raven Four is coming out soon, it’s a selection of poems and stories to stir the imagination, inspire the heart and tickle you in all the right places. We’re celebrating the writers from the book.

Image: Randall Stephens

Randall Stephens writes poetry about other poetry, cycling, being weird around people, being a haemophiliac, travelling, masculinity and sexuality, dinosaurs and your boyfriend. People have called Randall controversial. Randall has called people idiots. Because they’re idiots.

He’s been published, broadcast, vilified, ostracised, substance affected and performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo, as well as competing at Poetry slams in New York and London.

Randall currently lives in Denial, and has toured extensively through other emotional states throughout Australia. In 2014/15 he completed a solo cross-continental cycling journey from Perth to Melbourne, raising funds and awareness for Haemophilia Foundation Victoria, while performing poetry from his first book One For The Road.

He continues blogging new poetry at Tales Told By An Idiot (www.randallstephenspoetry.com) and his is first album ‘PRODUCT’ is available on Bandcamp.

He also hates re-writing his bio, and has vowed not to do so again for a while.


Image: Jane Christensen

Image: Jane Christensen