Image: Mark Russell Dean

Image: Mark Russell Dean

Little Raven is currently on hiatus.

Our interns make Little Raven happen.

Little Raven is always looking for passionate and ambitious people to join us. We can offer editorial internships, helping to edit and proofread our publications, and opportunities to manage events. The positions are unpaid, (mostly) off-site and availability is usually in the second half of the year.

Please contact us with your CV and a letter outlining your interest.


‘I’ve been with Little Raven since 2012 and have loved every minute of it. It’s a really supportive, friendly environment and I’ve learnt so much. Thanks to Van and friends, I’ve definitely become a better writer and editor.’- Talia Eilon

‘The experience I’ve gained from volunteering as an editorial assistant has been immeasurable. Van has given me the opportunity to not only proof manuscripts, but to appraise submissions and be involved in the special events. My internship is an invaluable opportunity to consolidate and apply the skills I’m learning in my degree in a professional context. I thoroughly enjoy being involved with Little Raven – and getting the opportunity to learn from someone who is so passionate about supporting emerging Australian erotic fiction writers.’- Sky Ingledew

‘Interning at Little Raven provides valuable experience that is relevant to many future careers in the publishing industry.’- Evie Kendal

‘I’ve loved my time with Little Raven, it has helped me develop my skills in critical reading which I find valuable when reading articles and novels in my daily life, but it also exposes you to some great up-and-coming artists. You are well supported, and your opinions are taken into consideration on every piece that you comment on. Little Raven is one of the best and most convenient places to gain experience, while being fostered and improved by the friendly atmosphere.’- Jessica Kopp

‘Working with Little Raven has been a rewarding experience. As an editor, I found my work was appreciated and the feedback was provided quickly. The content is fun compared to most editing work!’ – Carole Lander