Ernesto Sarezale

Image: Ernesto Sarezale

Image: Ernesto Sarezale

Ernesto Sarezale is a Basque poet and performer based in London. Ernesto has performed at a large variety of poetry, cabaret, stand-up and arts events in London and beyond (UK, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada).

He has hosted queer poetry events ‘Homophone’ and ‘Glam Slam’ as well as the erotic literary soiree Velvet Tongue. Erotic Award Winner for Poet of the Year 2010, Ernesto was the Central London Farrago Poetry Slam Champion 2006 and the winner of the Farrago Zoo Award for Best Performance by a poet working in English and another language in 2007 – amongst others.

His ‘imaginative arabesques’ have been published in a variety of outlets, whether on paper, online or on cd. In 2010, he presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe his critically acclaimed one-man show In the name of the flesh, which is also the name of a poetry collection he got published in December 2014.

Ernesto appears in Little Raven Four.