The Fitzroy Frolic

The Fitzroy Frolic Map

Images: Mark Russell Dean

Fitzroy is a saucy place: Gert-rude Street, Bed-ford Street, Shaft-me Avenue and the Brunswick Strip.

The Fitzroy Frolic TitleSix writers performed tales from the collection The Brunswick Street Strip in locations around Fitzroy, ending up at the Old Bar for a nightcap.

The Fitzroy Frolic featured performances by  Koraly Dimitriadis, Randall Stephens, Ana Malcolm, Aimee Nichols, Nicky Marr and Francesca Sasnaitis. Koraly got busy at the Brunswick Street Bookstore, Ana Malcolm pondered the love life of insects at PolyEster, Nicky Marr (reading a Kathryn O’Halloran story) met ‘a guitarist from Fitzroy’ at the Evelyn and Aimee Nichols found a threesome at the Old Bar. Little Raven’s director, Van Roberts, was the guide.

The Fitzroy Frolic was held on the 2nd of August, 2013.

Supported by PolyEsterThe Brunswick Street BookstoreThe EvelynThe Old Bar and The Provincial.


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