Little Raven Two

Image: Mark Russell Dean

Image: Mark Russell Dean

After the rollicking erotic adventure of Little Raven Publishing’s first anthology, comes Little Raven Two.

This collection of nineteen original pieces takes you from the back room of a bar to the other side of the globe; from marriage to swingers to one-night stands. There are forays into everything from the supernatural to the vegetable crisper ­­ – including an appearance by the not-so-humble blue whale.

Little Raven Two features Polly AnimaMae Archer, Sebie Brooks, Róisín DeargJoe DolceJoy DonnellAdrea Kore, Marina KrisAndrew LaPlace, Brigitte LewisDosh LuckwellAndy MurdochAimee NicholsJock Read-Hill, Van RobertsLilliana Rose, Ankur van der Woude and Les Zigomanis.

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Pub date: 6 December 2013
ISBN: 9780646908908
Imprint: Little Raven Publishing
Format: eBook                                                                                                                                 

Praise for Little Raven Two:

‘In Little Raven Two women are not afraid to demand sex exactly as they want it. Men are unashamed of experimenting outside their gender preference and heterosex is (thankfully) not an assumed norm.’- Krissy Kneen, author of Affection and Triptych

‘Adult fiction masterminds.’– Time Out Melbourne

‘A refreshing challenge to the boring stereotypes of sex play we see so often in erotic collections.’– Krissy Kneen, author of Affection and Triptych