Velvet Tongue (Aus)


Velvet Tongue is dedicated to erotic performance, showcasing feature performers and offering open mic slots for writers and performers of erotica. Come down early for a spot, Velvet tongue gets…cosy.

Image: Isobel Lindsay

Image: Isobel Lindsay

Feature performers have included Aimee NicholsUrszula DawkinsSteve Smart, Randall StephensMaree SheffordHissy LocoAmy Bodossian, Amanda Marx, Lisa-Skye, Adrea KoreNicholas G Frank, Emma Kathryn, Brendan Dennis, Helen SymondsRod Lara, Dettori, Talia Eilon and over fifty people have graced the open mic stage.

What is Velvet Tongue?

Ernesto Sarezale, ‘The Naked Poet’ created Velvet Tongue, London’s Quarterly Erotic Literary Soiree, in February 2011 and the event quickly grew in popularity and variety. In June 2013, Van Roberts travelled to London, read at the event and was immediately inspired. After a few wines, a chat and a Thai meal in Islington with Ernesto, Velvet Tongue (Aus) was born.

According to Ernesto, Velvet Tongue, ‘is an oral sex technique said to be immensely pleasurable. It was supposedly a favourite of Marilyn Monroe. She was quietly quite famous for her repertoire. The basic idea is to keep a warm viscous liquid in the partner’s mouth to enhance the pleasure of oral sex.’